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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether with an EMBER Medic or your selected physician, all video calls are 60LE each and live chat conversations are 40LE each.

Yes, our EMBER Medic Network only includes certified physicians. Most of our physicians specialize in primary care, emergency care, internal medicine, and/or pediatrics and are able to respond to a variety of questions.

Yes, EMBER Medics are able to write a prescription. Prescriptions are written at the discretion of the EMBER Medic. Depending on your symptoms, the best path of treatment may not include a prescription.

Your primary care physician or specialist will provide you with a unique QR code or referral link. Scan the code or click the link to automatically add them to your list of physicians. When you initiate a telehealth call or live chat, choose “Talk to my provider”.

With EMBER, you have full access and control over your health record. We only share your health record with responding physicians, and our encryption methods keep your personal information protected. All platforms are HIPAA compliant.

Receiving CPR from a trained professional before EMS arrives can significantly improve the individual’s chance of survival.


When you or someone in your vicinity is unconscious or unable to breathe, the EMBER app allows you to alert all CPR-certified EMBER Medics within a 5 minute walking distance. These medics are prepared to provide immediate help.


Simply press the alert button on the EMBER home screen, and choose “Get help now”.


Please note: the emergency response feature is not a substitute for 123. Please use the EMBER app to call 123, in addition to alerting EMBER Medics, or use the dial pad on your phone.

No. The emergency response feature is free.

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