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Our Principles

For time-sensitive emergencies like cardiac arrest, opioid overdose, and stroke, survival rates are best when help is delivered within a few minutes of the initial incident — the average ambulance response time of 8-14 minutes in the United States just isn’t fast enough.

Combining mobile technology and a growing neighborhood network of medical professionals, Ember is making medical emergency response fast, effective, and accessible for everyone.

At its core, Ember believes in:

· Customers and Responders First.

· Saving Lives.

· Reducing Costs.

· Upholding Transparency.

Meet the Team

Shadi Wahba
Shadi WahbaCEO

With a deep background in electrical engineering and machine learning, Shadi became a career entrepreneur and healthtech visionary following the sudden death of his childhood friend. Shadi launched Ember Medical in 2018. He’s been a part of theater productions, improv troops, and stand-up routines and remains a huge fan of performance and comedy.

Mo Elshazly, MD
Mo Elshazly, MDCMO

Trained at both Johns Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic, Mo is a cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist. He is currently an assistant professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar. Mo launched Ember Medical in 2018. He’s an avid soccer player (and soccer fan), and believes the most successful leaders are loving and passionate team players.

Michael Hoosien, MD
Michael Hoosien, MDCCO

Michael is a cardiac electrophysiologist trained at Cleveland Clinic, where he first met and began collaborating with Mo. Originally from South Africa, Michael has devoted his professional career to preventing sudden death. He is a firm believer in utilizing technology to make healthcare more equitable and effective, and he co-founded Ember in that spirit.

Ahmed Elmahalwy
Ahmed ElmahalwyDevelopment Lead

Ahmed is the Development Lead at Ember. With experience working as a software engineer at Pixelogic Media, Ahmed drives web and mobile application development. He is also an avid actor who enjoys exploring the way others think and live—a passion that deeply informs his work at EMBER.

Abdul Ahmad
Abdul AhmadDevelopment Lead

Abdu is the Development Lead at Ember. With experience working in two of Egypt’s biggest startups, Abdu drives web, mobile, and smart wearable app development. He’s also an avid traveler who hasn’t traveled nearly as much as he’d like—the moon is at the top of his bucket list.

Fernanda Granados
Fernanda GranadosDesign Lead

Fernanda is EMBER Medical’s resident design guru. With 3+ years experience in branding and website design, she uses her artistic eye and marketing know-how to package Ember content in a unique, memorable way. Fernanda is also a talented singer and performer; her biggest audience numbered 20,000 people.

Madeleine Lee
Madeleine LeeContent and Communications Lead

Madeleine is EMBER Medical’s content and communications lead. From blog content to presentations, she draws from her editorial and PR background to craft the kind of content audiences actually want to consume. In her free time, you’ll find her scaling the Berkeley hills, looking, as she does in her writing, for uncharted territory.

Watch Us Grow

Expanding the Ember Network to treat every medical emergency.

· The Ember Kit: A handy case equipped with first aid equipment our Ember network needs, such as Naltrexone, glucagon injections, and an automated external Ember defibrillator.

· Concierge Service: Skip the waiting room and let us come to you with non-emergency in-home visits.

· Going Global: Interested in bringing Ember to your neighborhood? Become an Ember ambassador today.

Ember Protected Cities and Events: Changing the System One AED at a Time.

Saving lives requires the right equipment. To better enable the Ember network, Ember is changing the healthcare landscape — literally — with a plan to redistribute AED’s in test cities. With AED’s accessible within every .13 sq mile area, an AED is only a 5-minute walk away from any Ember responder (and cardiac arrest victim).