Building The Future: An Interview with EMBER Medical CMO Mo Elshazly

2019-02-12T19:57:58+00:00February 12th, 2019|Blog|

Outside of the medical professionals at the front lines of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the inner-workings of this life-saving system aren’t often given a second thought.

Even as a cardiologist working at a Cleveland Clinic residency, Mo Elshazly, EMBER Medical’s Chief Medical Officer, didn’t realize the full scope of EMS or the full range of opportunities for system-wide improvement.

On the latest episode of Kevin Horek’s Building The Future, Mo shares how the idea for EMBER came to be, EMBER’s global growth plan, and how physicians can better reach patients in both densely populated cities and rural areas via telehealth services.

“If in 10 years time a platform like ours does not exist, it will mean we have completely failed as a health community and a tech community,” Mo said. “The technology is already here. All we’re doing is setting up the platform and enabling that change to happen.”

Make the most out of your morning commute, and check out the full interview on SoundCloud or Youtube.

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