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EMBER Medical Expands Telehealth Operations to Africa with IntriHEALTH SA Partnership

EMBER Medical Expands Telehealth Operations to Africa with IntriHEALTH SA Partnership

EMBER Medical announced today its partnership with IntriHEALTH SA, a leading provider of medical solutions in Africa. With over 300 medical specialists across the wider African continent, IntriHEALTH’s clients will have immediate access to virtual consultations in the IntriCARE app powered by EMBER’s proprietary telehealth technology. Building on the success of partnerships with MENA-based clinics and hospitals, EMBER’s partnership with IntriHEALTH is key in expanding its reach across Africa to physicians and patients in 14 different countries.

“Our core objective is to bring healthcare to the people of Africa and beyond through an array of digital health solutions for physicians and medical staff juggling increasing patient workloads,” said Mike Simpson, CEO of IntriHEALTH Group. “We are confident that this partnership with EMBER will improve workflows for physicians across the continent of Africa, and put test results and quality care advice in the hands of patients that much faster.”

IntriHEALTH will incorporate EMBER’s fully integrated telehealth technology into its IntriCARE app to provide clients with video and text-based virtual consults. Using EMBER’s full suite of premium features, IntriHEALTH’s physicians and medical staff will be able to schedule and manage appointments, set their virtual hours and availability, and access and update their full patient database.

“As patients witness the quality and immediacy that digital health services provide, physicians and healthcare systems are stepping up to create a remarkable global movement. IntriHEALTH is at the forefront of this movement in their clear understanding of the value telehealth offers the healthcare system,” said Shadi Wahba, CEO of EMBER Medical. “Telemedicine in its generic form is no longer a luxury, but the very core of what patients expect of their care providers and the future of healthcare systems globally.”

With over 70,000 patients and 1800 doctors since their November 2019 launch, EMBER has continued to meet the outsized demand for consumer telehealth services across the MENA region while shaping the future of patient and physician interactions in emerging markets. This partnership marks a vital opportunity to expand EMBER’s remote care delivery to areas across Africa and Asia where residents typically struggle to see a doctor. Currently, over 80% of EMBER’s patients reside in regions or countries with less than one doctor per one thousand people. EMBER acts as a vital resource for these patients who would otherwise need to travel a significant distance to receive care. And while demand for EMBER’s services rose considerably in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, EMBER patients and physicians have made it clear that telehealth is here to stay.

“For many of our patients, their first experience with telehealth is with an EMBER doctor,” said Mohamed Elshazly, Chief Medical Officer of EMBER Medical. “As a cardiologist and EMBER doctor myself, EMBER has not only improved my workflow, but also broken down the geographic barriers between my clinic and patients in need. We’re proud to provide an essential service to so many, and we’re proud to be the impetus for widespread telehealth adoption in regions where care is often difficult to access. Eventually, calling a doctor should be as seamless as using any mobile video conferencing platform.”

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