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Who We Are

Meet the neighborhood

A big hello from the neighborhood — we work as physicians, nurses, and EMT’s. We might live right next door to you. Or maybe we get coffee at the same cafe every morning, or take the same train home at night.

We may not have met yet, but we’ve dedicated our lives to saving yours—and that doesn’t stop when we’re off the clock. If you fall victim to a medical emergency, we’ll receive your Ember alert when we’re within a 5 minute walking distance to your location. We’re here to step in and deliver help as fast as possible.

As part of the Ember network, we believe that saving lives is just what good neighbors do.

Activate the Network

Help at the press of a button

With an all-in-one alert system, Ember users can simultaneously notify Ember responders and 911 dispatchers through three activation modes:

How it works


How it works

In-app button

How it works

In-app activation

(coming soon)

Videos guide Ember users through the CPR process until help arrives.

In the time it takes an ambulance to navigate busy intersections, dense city streets, or rural highways, professionals from Ember’s network of nearby first responders are already on-scene to provide trained CPR and AED (defibrillation) support.

Users with smart wearables require no outside activation (coming soon) — the Ember app syncs with smart wearable sensors and immediately activates the Ember network upon sensing falling heart rates.

Evaluate Your Symptoms

On the fence about your symptoms? Talk to a real healthcare professional (not a search engine)

Ember understands that some symptoms can be vague. With the in-app triage feature, you can quickly and easily connect with the Ember network to decide what course of action to take. This includes recommending you go to the ER or urgent care, or giving you the option of a telemedicine or concierge consultation with one of our partners.

Chat with physicians or nurses via in-app audio and video features, and the app will connect you with the best mode of transportation to your recommended destination — whether that’s the ER, urgent care, or an upcoming appointment with a primary care provider.