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Do What You Do Best

For you, saving lives isn’t just a job

You’ve spent years honing your craft, and nothing is more rewarding than walking a patient out the hospital or clinic doors with a new lease on life. Via emergency response alerts and triage requests, you’ll flex your medical expertise and provide crucial aid to your neighbors when they need it most—whether that’s a cardiac arrest victim around the block or a parent unsure of her child’s symptoms.

Make Money Doing It

Saving lives is no easy task

At Ember, we believe that the work you do deserves the right compensation. For each emergency you respond to, we offer $500 in payment. And for each completed triage request, you’ll receive $25 in payment.

Set Aside Time For You

You can turn the app off whenever you want

For birthday parties, holidays, a quiet dinner at home, a much needed nap. You give your all everyday—you deserve a break. We’re the network that believes in keeping you healthy, too.

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