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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We’re here to help. Check out our app walkthrough videos, or find the information you’re looking for in our list of frequently asked questions.

General Questions

You will need to submit a .jpg or .pdf copies of your medical and CPR certifications.

Due to increased demand, it can take up to 48 hours for approval. Please reach out to the EMBER team at contact@embermed.com with any questions regarding your registration.

You can review a patient’s health records by tapping a patient’s name to open their profile. We encourage you to review a patient’s health records before each call or live text.
To find a patient:

  • open the patients tab.
  • Choose “Approved”.
  • Tap the search icon at the top right and enter your patient’s name.

Patients are responsible for ordering their own lab tests at this time, but we encourage you to remind them that lab services are easily available through EMBER. We also recommend that you include a clear, detailed description of lab tests in the incident report (filed after each video call) or live text to ensure that patients have the information they need.

With EMBER, patients have full access and control over their health records. We only share their health records with responding physicians, and our encryption methods keep their personal information protected. All platforms are HIPAA compliant.


Payment is sent to your EMBER account on the last day of each month.

To collect payment:

  • open the account tab.
  • From the payment section, choose the desired transfer account.

Note: Choose between Vodafone, Etisalat, Orange, or a direct deposit into your bank account.

Payment differs for each request depending on the nature (general practice, mental health, specialty) or mode of the call (video/audio, live text). Please see your on-boarding materials for the full list of payment rates.
Premium subscribers are able to set their own rates on the platform. EMBER is working to release a premium subscription service that will allow you to set your own rates.

Connecting with Patients

To turn your availability on or off, tap the heart icon on the bottom menu bar. When your availability is turned off, you will not receive in-app or push notifications for incoming requests.

To choose what requests you receive:

  • open the account tab.
  • Choose to receive calls from anyone or your patients.
    • If you are a GP or specialist who would like to receive general practice calls, turn on general practice.
  • Choose to receive audio/video call requests, live text requests, or both.

Note: See the payment section for more information on how rates differ between request types.

To approve your patients:

  • open the patients tab.
  • Choose “Pending”.
  • Tap a patient’s name to view their profile, then tap the green check-mark to add them to your patient base.

for your patients to be able to add you on Embermed app, you need to share your Ember generated QR with them:

  • Open the patients tab.
  • Tap the QR code icon at the top right.
  • Save the image to email or text the QR code to your patients.

You can also provide your patients with a physical copy of the QR code using the code and template provided in your on-boarding materials.

Click here to access the remainder of this walk-through in the patient section.

No. At this time, your patients can only add you as a doctor by scanning or uploading your unique QR code.

Click here to access this walk-through in the patient section.

To accept requests:

  • open the requests tab.
  • Choose “Available”.
  • Tap the icon next to a patient’s name to accept the request. The icon will indicate the mode of the request (video call or live text), and the entry will list the nature of the call (general practice or specialist) as well as patient symptoms.

Your patient has the option to extend a call or live text for an additional fee. They will be prompted to extend the call or text 2 minutes prior to the end of the initial 15 minute time period.

Providing a clear, detailed incident report at the end of a call or chat session is integral to the quality of each patient interaction. An effective incident report provides the patient with a comprehensive summary of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment steps.

Include Symptoms
How did the patient feel? In the absence of an in-person interaction, It’s important to list the patient’s symptoms in the report to affirm that you heard them.
Provide A Treatment Plan
What are the patient’s next steps? This is your opportunity to provide the patient with clear instructions, whether that’s a new prescription, follow-up appointment, or immediate hospital visit.
Don’t Be Vague
“Follow the recommendations we discussed” does not leave the patient with a defined treatment path.
Please download the attached PDF (also included in your on-boarding materials) for a detailed walk-through.

Have questions? Our care team is here to support you 24/7.

Send us a message on contact@embermed.com, or click on the button below and fill the form and we will respond ASAP