Take Healthcare Into Your Own Hands with EMBER’s Newly Launched Telehealth Feature

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77 percent of people are more likely to choose a doctor that offers telehealth options, but 83 percent say they’ve never used virtual care services, according to a survey of 400 medical consumers.

Why the disconnect between the virtual care you want and the ordeal of in-person care you fall back on? In large part, it’s due to a lack of education and confusion around access to virtual care.

With the EMBER Telehealth Feature, available now on the EMBER app in the Google Play Store (Invite Code: TELEHEALTH), we’re making telehealth that much more accessible in our comprehensive healthcare app.

But first, why should you be choosing remote care?

Getting to the doctor can be a hassle.

Whether you’re juggling a full family of four’s schedule or have mobility challenges that make transportation to the doctor more difficult, getting to the doctor can be an ordeal.

It also significantly cuts into your work or child’s school day. The average time it takes to see a doctor—including transportation, paperwork filing, and busy waiting rooms—is 2 hours.

And the time it takes to get an appointment? Up to 60 days in some cities, a timeline that could push your minor medical issue into something much more serious.

With 24/7 remote care, you don’t need an appointment. It’s healthcare that fits your schedule, and physicians already have your medical history on hand via your online profile. No more paperwork, no more waiting rooms.

EMBER’s Telehealth Feature connects you with a doctor, physician’s assistant, or registered nurse within 15 minutes to determine what kind of care is best for you. 

Mistaking the severity of your symptoms can be expensive.

Have you ever made a trip to the emergency room to find that your symptoms weren’t that urgent?

It’s never a bad decision to seek medical help when you or your loved ones are feeling off, but a sky-high emergency room bill can have you wishing you’d chosen another path of care.

At EMBER, our goal is to make healthcare more affordable for you. Via our telehealth feature, our EMBER Medic Network can recommend the right path of care for you—whether that’s the ER, urgent care, or a follow-up appointment with your primary care provider—so that you don’t have to saddle the stress of avoidable medical bills.

Spend less time playing the search engine guessing game. Talk to a real human being.

When you’re feeling sick, there’s a wealth of information out there that can help you determine the cause of your symptoms.

But sometimes… it feels like you need an MD to sift through it all.

Case in point: We searched “chest pain” and found 26 different causes.

Take Healthcare Into Your Own Hands with EMBER’s Newly Launched Telehealth Feature

Sometimes, there’s no easy answer to what’s causing your symptoms. Our medics are living breathing professionals, not search engines, that can take the guesswork out of your symptoms.

Stop falling through the black hole of search queries, and get on the road to recovery faster.

With EMBER, remote care is just a flat fee—no health insurance required.

The biggest hassle of in-person care is finding a clinic that’s in your network. With EMBER, remote care is just a flat fee—no health insurance required.

For a limited time, we’re offering free annual subscriptions to all new sign-ups and a $60 credit toward telehealth calls.

Avoid the waiting rooms and unnecessary ER bills, and take the hassle out of healthcare. Download the EMBER app, available now in the Google Play Store with the invite code TELEHEALTH.

Questions? We love hearing from you. Send us an email at contact@embermed.com. 

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