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Tips and Tricks: Juggling Life as a Medical Professional

Tips and Tricks: Juggling Life as a Medical Professional

Whether you’re a budding EMT or a seasoned emergency room nurse, one thing’s for sure: you’ve got back-to-back shifts, overtime, and a slew of patients to juggle.

And on top of that: a life outside the job.

How can you keep sane through it all? We’ve reached out to the physicians, nurses, paramedics, and EMTs at the forefront of our EMBER network for tips and tricks on finding balance in the new year.

Time Management is the #1 Key to Success

Facing 3 back-to-back 12 hour shifts this week? It’s important to be real with yourself—you’ll (hopefully) be getting plenty of rest between those shifts, but not much else.

The key to feeling more relaxed at work and at home is to plan well in advance, especially for the little things: household chores, grocery shopping, running to the bank. When the laundry is done and meals are prepared ahead of time, you’ll find yourself juggling less and focusing more.

Make Time for Leisure

Getting the chores done is important to clear your headspace. But the most important activity our EMBER medics agree on? Making time for leisure.

We’re busting the idea that work is everything. Having fun is in your everyday life is an absolute priority, and whether that’s picking up a new hobby or enjoying an active afternoon rock climbing with friends and family, foregoing that extra hour of Netflix on the couch is worth it.

Make Time for You

You can’t beat a job saving lives and working at the frontlines, but some days on the job are physically and emotionally difficult. For the days that you can’t quite leave behind, building space for solo time is a must.

We’re not talking spa days. We’re talking 10 minutes of journaling, a walk around the neighborhood, a quick perch on the front porch. Clear your mind, process the day, check in with what you want and need—it’s your choice. But setting aside that time in a consistent, routine fashion is going to get you to peace of mind faster.

If you can fit it in, it always helps to get back to the basics and take your own advice. A healthy diet and exercise, with a focus on the importance of keeping yourself healthy, is exactly what the doctor’s ordering for 2019.

Embrace Your Second Job: Being An A+ Mediator

When things get stressful at home, don’t let the conflict simmer. Address problems as soon as they pop up, and you’ll be happier for it. You do your best in giving patients the kind, direct communication that they need—we’ve found that approach works just as well with our loved ones.

Join a Professional Organization: You Won’t Regret It

In the medical field, the list of professional organizations is miles long. Or at least, that’s what the cursory list on Nurse.org leads us to believe.

When it comes to finding like-minded people in the medical world, the options are limitless. Whether you’re interested in career advancement, bettering your practice, or making an impact through networks like the one we have at EMBER, meeting fellow professionals in any capacity is a fantastic motivator to remind you why you chose this job in the first place.

Want more tips and tricks like the ones above? Visit our registration page and sign up as an EMBER Medic today.

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